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Can we legally get married in Lanzarote?

If you are a resident, then Yes you can, otherwise it's a No, can have a wedding blessing.

All that would be different are a few omitted legal words during your ceremony. You actually have the benefit of tailoring your ceremony words to your specific liking. 

Shall we do the legal paperwork before or after our Lanzarote Wedding Blessing?

My advice would be to complete the legal side before. Otherwise, this will affect the wording and type of ceremony that I can write for you. Also in my experience, you will feel "Married" straight after the Lanzarote Wedding Blessing rather than be thinking, "oh, we still need to do the legal side now."

Can we have a Commitment Ceremony instead?

Absolutely, if this sits better with your values and beliefs then we will work together to create the perfect script to mark the next step in your lives together.

Can we have our Lanzarote Wedding Blessing on the beach?(10+guests)

There are a few hotels that have their own private beaches where this can take place.

We cannot, however, choose and set up on any public beach without the necessary permissions. Lindsey from Signature weddings can apply for this paperwork. 

Alternatively, there are many beachside venues to choose from, so you can still walk along the beach for those beautiful beach wedding photos post ceremony. 

How long does a Wedding Blessing Ceremony last in Lanzarote?

Normally, around 30 minutes. A ceremony that lasts over an hour tends to bore the audience. A ceremony that is too short can lose its credibility.

If we choose a Celebrant, can we include some religious content? Can a Celebrant refer and include 2 types of religion during the service?

Absolutely, the beauty of having a Celebrant Led Wedding in Lanzarote is that there are no restraints to the ceremony content.

We as Celebrants embrace all traditions, cultures and beliefs.

Being a creative writer, I enjoy research and I embrace every chance to develop my skills and knowledge.

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