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Elopement Package

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Love is patient...but maybe you're not!

There are lot's of reasons to elope, some couples simply can't wait for their Big Day, some have reasons that mean they can't legally get married, some don't want the fuss, whatever your reason is, you can make your dream elopement come true here in Lanzarote. 

Maybe you just so happen to be coming here on holiday and have no clue where to have your ceremony, or Lanzarote is your special place and you know the perfect spot. Send me a message today and we can start designing your perfect elopement.

Important note, the reason the fee for an Elopement is the same for a Wedding Blessing and A Vow Renewal is because I do the exact same work. There can be 0 guests or 100 guests, I still endeavour to create the best ceremony for the couple. 

Often, crafting a service for 2 peoples ears can require a more interactive, engaging, and in depth script than that of a large audience.

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Photo: Steve Lupson

The Process

Contact me to arrange a free, no obligation informal introduction via a virtual consultation. Afterwards, if you feel that I am the right celebrant for you:


  • We will have a post booking appointment to discuss the DETAILS!

  • Questionnaire “homework" for you both to have fun with and complete

  • Writing and personalisation of the ceremony  

  • Frequent communication and support throughout the process to insure that you are 100% happy with your finalised service

  • Officiating the ceremony on the day

  • Your wedding ceremony certificate

400€  /  350£

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