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A symbolic ritual is a way to show your love publicly in a unique and meaningful way.

The most common symbolic gesture during a marriage ceremony is the exchange of vows and wedding rings. These show your commitment to each other and can be a physical reminder of your marriage.

However, there are many more modern and different types of rituals emerging that couples are now taking part in during their Lanzarote wedding celebration to demonstrate their love and commitment to each other.

Bride, Groom and Celebrant are smiling during the symbolic ritual part of their wedding blessing

Tree Planting Ceremony

Photo: Ruben Acosta

Symbolic rituals vary in meaning and significance.


  • The Sand Ceremony             

  • The Unity Candle           

  • Handfasting                                

  • The Wine Ceremony        

  • The Memory Box

  • A Time Capsule                     

  • The Ring Warming         

  • Flower/Rose Ceremony          

  • Water Blending                   

  • Tree Planting

  • Lasso Unity Ceremony         

  • Jump The Broom         

  •  Bible Verse Reading                   

  • Stone Ceremony

  • Handwashing Ceremony    

  • Quaich Ceremony

Handfasting Ribbons For Lanzarote Wedding.jpg
Bride & Groom exchange rings on their Lanzarote Wedding Day
Sand Ceremony Lanzarote Wedding.jpg
Tree Planting Wedding Ceremony Lanzarote.jpg

I can go into more detail of each ritual during our conversations and help select the right one for you.

Or if you have an original idea that you want to try, then we can explore that too. 

Pop on over to my social media pages and discover many different symbolic ritual options for your Lanzarote Wedding Day. @thelanzarotecelebrant


(Supplementary charges may apply for materials).

What is a Symbolic Ritual?

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