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Samantha - Dazzling Decor ES

Sam, as she prefers to be called, is a bi-lingual, mum of 3, a small business owner, and a great friend of mine. 

She and her team will work their little socks off to create a visual delight for your Lanzarote Wedding Day that will evoke whatever feeling it is you want on the day. Luxurious Boho feel or Summery Hawaiian Party? 


Here's a list of just a few items of what their collection includes:

* Sequin Walls

* Triangular Alter Arch

* Personalised Vinyl Printing onto wood, plastic, glass 

* Balloon Arches and displays

To save room in your luggage when you travel over, you can order personalised wedding gifts for those important guests. Vinyl printed gifts can be designed to your exact personal preference. If you are having a Symbolic Ritual during your wedding blessing, then they can print your names and wedding date onto the sand jar or the handfasting ribbons too.

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