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What type of Wedding can I have in Lanzarote?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Any type you want, is the answer to that.

Below you will find a few examples of different ways you can "Get Married" in Lanzarote.

The Most Adorable Elopement You've Ever Seen

Becky, Ben, and Sweet Margot did it their way. No frills, no extras, no guests, just true love demonstrated in its purest form.

A bespoke ceremony including private vows that neither I, nor the photographer heard. Just whispered into the ear of the one it was intended for.

Me and Steve the photographer kept saying,

"Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?"

They followed the ceremony with a family photo shoot around the hotel gardens. Then a very sleepy Margot was put to bed while Mummy and Daddy had an intimate dining experience on their own private room terrace. A 5-course dinner with wine was served at their beautifully set table by their own waiter. Bravo @H10Rubicon Palace.

In the Bride's own words "It was a dream".

Intimate Lanzarote beach elopement

30 minutes of pure love, emotions, and laughter.

Non-conformist and unconventional are words that describe this unique bride and groom.

"We would like something that isn't traditional, is that possible? They asked.

Absolutely, I replied "Let me get to know you both and I'll see what I can do".

What we came up with was:

  • Shot race opening. Rum for the Bride, Vodka for the Groom!

  • Surprise readings from the guests.

  • Funny stories of being high in Amsterdam!

  • Secret personal vows

  • Hidden Harry Potter quotes

  • Plenty of happy tears

  • Lots of laughter

Luck was on our side when we found the cutest hidden cove after their first beach location was busy with Sunday evening bathers!

I always inform my couples that we cannot guarantee the weather or complete privacy, but we were super lucky this day.

They enjoyed chilled prosecco with Bob Marley tunes playing as the sun set behind the


Can you picture it? Perfect in every way

Luxury Private Villa Wedding

This very relaxed bride had every part of her wedding booked apart from the Celebrant!!!

Her only question to me was,

"Are you free on this date?"

And then I was booked!

Now that was a first for me, I was hoping we'd be a good match for each other, and luckily we were.

Her lovely review after said:

"Sarah wrote the most beautiful ceremony for us that suited our personalities perfectly (Not to mushy with a funny twist). She made us both feel at ease and added to our day immensely. Would highly recommend to anyone considering getting married in Lanzarote. Such a lovely person and really cares".

They chose to incorporate the memory box/time capsule for their symbolic element. Guests added poems, wishes, and most probably some drunken notes too as the night progressed. They'll find out in 5 years time when they open the box. They will then reseal it with new hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the next 5 years.

I would describe their whole wedding day as very down to earth, yet with all the extras you could wish for. Live entertainment, catered food, private villa, photographer flown in.....but very intimate, with just their closest friends and family.

Big wedding doesn't always mean lots of guests.

"We Still Do' after 21 years

"It was 21 years ago today that a very proud father took that all important walk down the aisle with his youngest daughter, he tentatively placed her hand, in the hand of her husband to be. Not knowing what the future may hold for his girl. And today he has had the honour and pleasure of being able to do it all again. This time, not so tentatively, but with more reassurance and calmness, knowing in his heart that she will continue to be cared for in the way she deserves." a small extract from the beautiful service myself and the Bride and Groom created together for this special Vow Renewal.

This Renewal of Vows Ceremony took place on the private terrace of a beachfront restaurant in Puerto Del Carmen.

The girls day started with being pampered with hair and makeup.

They chose the sand ceremony, and we spaced the adding of the sands throughout the 25-minute service. Every family member (Grandad, Nan, Mum, Dad, Eldest Daughter & Youngest Daughter) added their coloured sand at their own individual part during the ceremony. I then added white sand in remembrance of the Grooms parents who had sadly passed in recent years.

Followed with a delicious dinner and cocktails in the sun, a beautiful day from start to finish.

I have such warm feelings when I think back on this Vow Renewal. The photographer laughing out loud, their eldest daughter getting emotional and needing a tissue, and the pure happiness on the brides' beautiful face.

How do you envisage your wedding day in Lanzarote?

Get in touch today to go through your ideas and options.

WhatsApp on 0034 649 05 05 00

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