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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Celebrant For Your Lanzarote Wedding

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Although a celebrant cannot legally marry a couple (yet!), there are many advantages to having a celebrant for your "Big Day".

So what are the benefits of choosing a celebrant instead of a registrar or a priest?

1. You can have as much control over your script and ceremony design as you wish. Working with your celebrant you can soften the traditional legal words and create your own unique and personal vows. If you are looking for an engaging and fun service for your wedding guests then a talented celebrant can create this for you.

2. A celebrant can officiate a ceremony anywhere you choose, for example; on a beach, by a volcano, in a cave, at a vineyard, in a 5* Hotel, in a private villa garden or at a beach side venue. You will have ample options on the beautiful island of Lanzarote. Just picture the backdrop to your wedding photos.

3. You can incorporate any symbolic ritual that you desire into your service. You and your celebrants imaginations are the only limits. What will you choose; handfasting, ring warming, sand, rose or candle ceremony? (Tree planting ceremony in photo below)

4. Having the opportunity to choose the date and time of your marriage ceremony is a luxury that a registrar led service cannot offer. Have you seen the sunset wedding photos? Imagine the irony of having the day you unite and join your lives together in marriage being on Independence Day!

5. There can be no restrictions on the music you choose, music that reflects you as a couple may not be deemed appropriate or traditional to walk down the aisle to. For example, the song "Bat out of hell," would not be played at a church wedding but if that just so happens to be your song, then a celebrant would embrace this. Celebrants enjoy incorporating all styles and tastes into their ceremonies.

6. Allowing family members and friends to participate in your service will only add to the memories. Your celebrant will welcome the idea of Aunt Mary singing a hymn while your children participate in the sand ceremony!

7. Having the opportunity to meet and form a relationship with your celebrant months in advance will give you peace of mind about every aspect of your nuptials. "Fail to plan, plan to fail!" You´ll be surprised to find that you will form a lasting friendship with your celebrant.

I am one of a community of celebrants on the island of Lanzarote, pop over to my Facebook or website on the links below to find out more

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