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Why Would You Have A Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Ever wondered why some people would want a recommitment ceremony? I did.

Does it seem a bit "soppy" to you? It did to me.

Here you will find a few reasons why you might want to renew your vows, even after 5 years of marriage!

  • Even though there may have been ups and downs over the years, you both still feel that undeniable connection. You share a loving friendship like no other, and a unique understanding of each other. Reaching that milestone anniversary you should celebrate. What an achievement! By reliving that significant day, you can strengthen the bond you already have.

  • There can be so many changes in life as the years go by, for example: you might have the money now to throw the wedding celebration you dreamed of whereas you didn't before!

  • Your style and tastes might have drastically changed, you would do it so differently this time round.

  • You may have had family dramas and someone who was overbearing with the wedding day planning, so you didn't get the special day that you wanted.

  • Some weddings are rushed for various reasons, now that you have the luxury of time you can plan every aspect of the "Big Day".

  • You may have children or grandchildren who you would like to include in the service. They could participate in a symbolic ritual like a sand ceremony. They could read a poem, or hold your new wedding rings. This family photo will definitely take pride of place on the wall, possibly next to the photo of when you got married the first time.

  • Illness, unfortunately, can put into perspective the things that really matter in life. Overcoming an illness can teach us many things, one being that you really should live each day as your last and show the ones you care about how much you really love them. Take this opportunity to enjoy a day that's filled with pure love.

  • Well, any excuse to throw a party, hey!

Bride and Groom renew their wedding vows with their 3 children in attendance. #stilltheone
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