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Choose Lanzarote For Your Wedding Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Below you will find a list of 10 reasons why you should choose Lanzarote as the destination for your Wedding Day.

1.Exotic backdrops for your marriage celebration. Can you picture those "magazine worthy" wedding photos you'll have? Just look at the image below.

2. There's a slim chance of a rainy day in Lanzarote compared to the UK. Who wants to get "hitched" in the rain?

3. A limited number of friends and family will spend the money to travel abroad to see you take those marital vows, thus reducing your expenditure. It can also save on any hurt feelings for those not invited!

4. The wedding packages in Lanzarote take away the stress and worry as most of the necessities are included. Worry-free wedding nuptials in the sun, yes please!

5. Endless possibilities and options to create a Unique marriage celebration that is unlike any traditional UK wedding that you've been to before.

6. Lanzarote holds cherished memories for many couples who met here, had their first holiday here or maybe even lived here. The Canary Islands have a mysterious, powerful and unexplainable pull to them. Some people say its the magnificent, magnetic aura of the volcanoes!

7. Budget. Average UK wedding = 20k. Average Lanzarote wedding = 10k

8. There is a quicker turnaround in Lanzarote compared to the UK for those eager couples who want to marry sooner rather than later.

9. You can have your honeymoon and Wedding all rolled into one.

10. Take the opportunity to unite the whole family and create a whole weeks’ worth of memories to be cherished for life.

The Lanzarote Celebrant is honoured to work alongside the talented and professional team at Lindsey Stonier - Signature Weddings & Events / The Lanzarote Wedding Planner. For enquiries do not hesitate to contact either of us on the links above.

Bride and Groom on their wedding day in Lanzarote watching the sun set behind the magnificent volcanoes
Sunset Lanzarote Wedding Ceremony


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