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Lanzarote Elopement

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

What is an Elopement exactly?

So, Wikipedia says that an Elopement used to refer to a marriage that was conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away without parental approval.

In more modern times, "Elopement" is sometimes applied to a small, inexpensive wedding with parental foreknowledge.

But most recently, an Elopement can enable you to have a stress-free, intimate, and meaningful ceremony that can take place in some magnificent locations.

Who doesn't love to travel?

The ceremony location can be at a memorable spot for the couple, or somewhere totally off-the-beaten-track.

Most modern-day couples are looking for that spectacular wedding photo of just the two of them, but all couples are wanting to have that unforgettable moment that is shared only between those two.

Lanzarote Luxury Wedding Buggy
Campophoenix Buggy

Guests or no guests, it is your choice, and that is what I think is key to an Elopement, your choice.

There's no having to please others or consider their input. It is all about you two, and what you want.

Can We Elope To Lanzarote?


I recently had a couple who were renewing their marriage vows in an Elopement style, and she said that she felt more married now than she did at her church wedding 32 years ago.

Every single word that was said during their 20minute service was true to them, no fluff or legal jargon, just words of love, remembrance, and shared hopes and feelings.

The Husband, who was in the dark about the Vow Renewal his wife had been planning for the last couple of months, was very surprised, to say the least. (Luckily he didn't have a heart attack)!

However, he did say after the ceremony that he felt like he was in a twilight zone, this person he had just met (Me, The Celebrant), knew everything about him. He was moved to tears when I spoke about his parents.

So, if you choose Lanzarote as the place for your Elopement then we can choose a spectacular location, accompanied by a fabulous photographer,with a smashing ceremony script that will have you in tears of laughter and tears of happiness.

I do love a good surprise (if it's for others and not for myself that is!).

So I endeavour to include surprise stories, feelings, and words that I have learned from each individual secretly. This will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Just a reminder - For your marriage to be legally recognised, you would still need to complete the legal formalities back home as you still cannot legally get married in Lanzarote.

Send me a message and we can get talking about possible locations.

Such as the exclusive salt planes in Playa Blanca. (Photo below). How exciting!

(0034) 649 05 05 00

Salt planes in Lanzarote
Salinas De Janubio


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