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12 Reasons To Visit Lanzarote In 2022

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Lanzarote holiday tips and info.

January -(High 20°/Low 13°)

Do you get those post Christmas, post NYE party, winter blues?

Do you need some winter sunshine?

Just imagine sitting at your favourite beachside bar with a glass of fruity sangria and a cold pint of San Miguel watching the world go by.

Go on, get it booked, you deserve it, especially after all that Christmas planning stress, trust me, you won't regret it.

On the 5th of January you will witness the three kings parade, all 3 kings will be sat on their camels as they travel through the villages and towns throwing sweets to the children , don't deny it, I know you'll be catching a few too! Then the next day, the 6th, is a public holiday - Día De Reyes, where gifts will be opened. It's Spanish Christmas day, where one of their traditions is to eat a Roscón, which is a circular, cream filled, sweet bread that has miniature toys hidden inside! So be careful!

February -(High 20°/Low 13°)

Valentines! Need I say any more to you loving brides and grooms to be?

Spa day followed by a sunset dinner cruise or island sightseeing followed by a picnic on the beach!

Or, could this be the month for your Lanzarote Wedding Day?

March -(High 22°/Low 14°)

Carnival!! Are you ready to Partay? There are Carnival parades taking place all over the island during this month so you'll be able to catch one of the magnificent processions that are stuffed full of colourful costumes and talented dancers and musicians. This is by far my favourite event of the year. The effort that goes in to these productions are commendable, all ages will participate, from babies to grandparents. You will see that months of hard work, from skilled craftsmen, have gone into creating the floats, costumes and performances. Not to be missed.

People dressed in the wizard of Oz costumes for Lanzarote Carnival
PDC Carnival 2016

April -(High 22°/Low 14°)

Easter. Our baron, volcanic island comes to life with fields of bright yellow daisies and many more different colours from our native wild flowers. If you like to hike and adventure, then this is a spectacular time of year to explore some hidden island gems. Lava runs, caves, rock formations, abandoned quarries, abandoned hotel, geo-caching and the derelict dam. There's so much more to see in Lanzarote than just the beaches.

Abandoned Hotel and Rock Pools

May -(High 24°/Low 16°)

Ironman. 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, 42.2km marathon, all to be completed in the blistering heat and sometimes gale-force winds. It has earned it's title of being one of the worlds toughest triathlons. Starting around 6/7 a.m. it is to be completed by midnight. Your challenge can be to wake up early enough to see the first swimmers go in to the sea and to be there at the finish line at midnight to cheer on the last ironmen and ironwomen. They need all the support they can get.

June -(High 25°/Low 18°)

Wine Run. Maybe this one is my favourite actually! Although, I only ever participate in the 12km walk not the 23km run. Collect your wine and tapas as you walk along the trails through fields of grapes and quaint, ageing bodegas. There's also a children's race and a food festival at the finish line. Perfect day out for the whole family.

Camel, Lanzarote farmer and a runner wearing a green top participating in the Lanzarote Wine Run
Lanzarote Wine Run

July -(High 27°/Low 19°)

Summer Holidays. Influx of all the families seeking out their fun-filled beach holidays. The wind tends to pick up this month which is great for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, this is a great activity to watch and/or participate in.

August -(High 28°/Low 20°)

Hottest month. Don't forget to pack the sun cream, especially if this is your wedding month!

This is also the month for the wine harvest so it's perfect for a wine tour to see the farmers picking their grapes. Of course, it would be rude not to sample some of the local produce, best accompanied with a local cheese.

September -(High 27°/Low 20°)

Busiest Month for Weddings. Why? Because there's beautiful weather and the island is a bit quieter and calmer. Perfect for a catamaran trip out on the sea searching for dolphins.

October -(High 26°/Low 18°)

Surfs Up! The Atlantic swell starts up which attracts surfers from all around. Book your surf lesson or take a drive to Famara to watch the professionals.

November -(High 23°/Low 16°)

Divers Dream. Start of Angel Shark Season. If you are an experienced diver or just a beginner you'll find many different dive sights around the coast line waiting to be explored for all levels of experience. Check out Manta Diving Lanzarote for all your diving needs.

December -(High 21°/Low 14°)

Christmas Time. December sells itself really, I mean who doesn't want to swap the cold weather for a bit or warmth and sunshine, so head on over for a pre Christmas treat. Could this be the month for your Lanzarote Wedding Day?

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