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What does a Lanzarote Wedding Blessing entail?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

If you are planning a wedding day in Lanzarote and are wondering about the logistics and timings then let me help explain.

As you are probably aware by now you cannot legally get married on the Island of Lanzarote unless you are a resident. That does not stop thousands of couples from having their Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment Ceremony on the beautiful Canarian Island. In fact, it can even make the legal process easier and cheaper. Contact the registrar of your council district to arrange the formalities.

Bride and Groom having a wedding blessing ceremony in Lanzarote
Photographer: Nebulabodas Foto

But let's get back to planning your unique day in the sun.

Meet your Celebrant months before your Big Day so that you can get to know each other. Express all of your ideas and hopes for the ceremony. If you don't have any ideas then don't worry, a talented Celebrant will have a stockpile of ideas. They will offer suggestions that they think will suit your personality and style. Your options are endless really. With a Celebrant Led Ceremony, there are no limits.

Normally though, most couples want their ceremony to follow a more traditional structure.

Here is an example of a script format:

  • Opening

  • Processional

  • Welcome and Thank yous

  • Love story (This is where you can insert your personalities, style, beliefs, passions, and ideas. For example; Heartfelt Stories, Funny Anecdotes, Readings/Poems, Symbolic Rituals, Surprises! This is where you get your money's worth for choosing a Celebrant, they are storytellers and will be able to engage and entertain your guests)

  • Vows / Commitments

  • Exchange of Rings

  • Confirmation that you are Married (If you are!)

  • First Kiss

  • The signing of a Wedding Day Certificate

  • Option for another reading, or Symbolic Element

  • Guests standing and cheering The NewlyWeds

  • Recessional

The duration of the ceremony will be around 30 minutes. Anything longer, then it tends to bore the guests, and anything shorter, can lose all credibility.

What time of the day you choose is entirely up to you. The most popular time is around 3 pm, but you can choose an earlier time or even a sunset ceremony.

Any day of the week is available to you also, your special anniversary date or an easy date like 22.02.22 so you never forget!

Let's go back to the content of your ceremony.

If you would rather:

  • Exchange watches instead of Rings

  • Secret handshake instead of The Kiss (fear of PDA)

  • Introduced as The NewlyWeds instead of Mr/s and Mr/s ______

  • Read your Vows instead of Repeat after me

  • Look out towards your guests instead of having your back to them

  • Sit down during your ceremony instead of standing the whole time

  • Surprise your witnesses instead of pre-warning them of their roles

then you can.

The list goes on but you get the idea. You can design your wedding service until it's perfect for you.

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of the day, it set's the tone for the rest of the evening, so don't let it bore you or your guests. You've chosen a stunning location, purchased beautiful attire, and carefully selected your food and drink choices. Don't forget the most important part of the day.

Make it a memory to last a lifetime.

So, What is a Wedding Blessing Ceremony?

It is a ceremonial celebration, not a legal marriage service.

Is a Lanzarote Wedding Blessing different from other marriage ceremonies?

Of course, the surroundings for one, and the skills of the wedding suppliers on the island will make your day extra special and meaningful.

Get in touch today to start planning your dream wedding in the sun.

(0034) 649 050 500

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